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Tours to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

You admire unusual, mysterious, extreme, you want to participate in extraordinary event and get the sharpest of this experience. The exclusion zone is another world, different from the reality, it`s provokes special feeling and helps to understand: mankind mast be careful with new technologies leading to global destructions.

The travel company «ChernobylTRAVEL» offers tours for you to the Chernobyl zone, where you will undoubtedly be impressed by the natural beauty of the Polesie region. You admire the views that open from the high bank of the Pripyat River in Chernobyl.

You can see the old equipment - mostly robots who worked tirelessly in the first months of the Chernobyl disaster in terms of levels of radiation, which can not withstand any living organism, and saved more than one human life. Now they have become exhibits for examination and are on a platform in Chernobyl.

Walk to the fantastic city of Pripyat, built in the most picturesque part of the Ukrainian Woodlands, on fertile land, rich forests, river banks, which lost forever. Now here sorrow, desolation and silence like an eternity.

Indulge in the pleasure of visiting an unusual place - the Chernobyl site, and at least from far away to see the construction of a grand and unique construction of the "Shelter" - New Safe Confinement (NSC), or arch.

You will forever remember the silence of Chernobyl, its calm and age, deep wisdom. Your souls dwell Unfortunately, due to the loss of a person to be part of this incredibly rich and created by God for the life of the ecosystem at the same time you will have hope for its revival.

Is it dangerous to travel to the exclusion zone?

*During 1-day tour to the Chernobyl zone you will receive a radiation dose equal to approximately 1-hour jet flight that is160 times less than the dose received during a single chest x-rays, and 3600 times less than in the one the whole body CT scan!

tours for you

  • Foreign citizens - $75 / 1999UAH
  • Ukrainian citizens - $33 / 899UAH
  • Foreign citizens - $229 / 5999UAH
  • Ukrainian citizens - $89 / 2399UAH
  • for all - $130 / 3500UAH
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  • calculated individually
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Tour information

One-day tour

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Two-day tour

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Visit on Chnpp

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Calendar of tours

The cost of an urgent tour is $ 99 for Ukrainian citizens and $ 149 for citizens of other countries.
(booking a tour in less than 3 days)

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Payment Information

Attention! Only confirmed via e-mail prepayment allows you to participate in the chosen tour!

There are 2 types of the trips to the Chernobyl Zone – scheduled tours and tours on request.You need to apply for the both minimum 2 days in advance (this time is necessary to receive all necessary formal permissions and passes), and make a prepayment. The modes of payment of the two tour types are different.

For scheduled tours : after submitting the application for the tour you must make an advance payment, equal to 25%. On boarding the bus you must have the exact amount of the rest of your payment. .

Attention! All unpaid requests for the scheduled trip will be cancelled 24 hours after receipt.

For tours on request : after submitting the application for the tour and settling all details of your trip with the ChernobylTravel's manager, you should pay 50% of the trip price to start receiving all necessary formal permissions and passes. The second part of the tour cost should be paid on boarding the bus.

ChernobylTravel will not compensate any accommodation and travel-related expenses, as well as other costs that are not connected directly to the tour to Chernobyl.

In case if tourist doesn't show up at the bus by the time of departure because of any reasons which don't depend on ChernobylTravel, in the case of non-admission of the client to the Zone because of alcohol or drug intoxication, as well as a hangover from these, we do not accept any claims and there is no pre-payment refund.


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