program of a one-day tour to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

(possible changes are due to weather conditions or other factors)

  • 07:30 - Meeting time;
  • 08:00 - Departure from Kiev;
  • 10:00 - Control at the checkpoint "Dityatki";
  • 10:00-17:00 - Sightseeing tour of the Exclusion Zone;
  • 17:00 - Departure from the Exclusion Zone;
  • 19:00 - Return to Kiev.

(possible changes are related to weather conditions or at the request of the group)

  • Entrance to the 30-kilometer zone - checkpoint (checkpoint) "Dityatki";
  • Survey of surviving buildings in the villages of Zalesye and Kopachi;
  • Checkpoint "Lelev" - entry into the 10-kilometer zone;
  • "Red Forest", on the site of the western radioactive trail from the first, most powerful release from the explosion of the 4th power unit;
  • Stella "Pripyat", at the entrance to the city;
  • The ghost town of Pripyat:
    • "Ferris wheel";
    • kindergarten and school;
    • city pool;
    • stadium;
    • cinema "Prometheus";
    • jetty with a flooded pier;
    • pre-trial detention center and police building;
    • City Executive Committee building - the first headquarters of the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident;
    • Polesie hotel, observation post for adjusting helicopter operations over the ruins of the 4th reactor;
    • MSCh-126 - the medical unit that received the first victims of the accident and its liquidation.
  • Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant named after Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Chernobyl NPP):
    • memorial at the administrative building;
    • NSC - Chernobyl NPP observation deck;
    • detour around the Chernobyl NPP;
    • feeding catfish (depending on season and weather).
  • Secret Object of Chernobyl-2:
    • Soviet over-the-horizon radar station for an early detection system for launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles (DUGA-1);
    • secret military town Chernobyl-2.
  • Lunch in Chernobyl;
  • walk around the city:
    • walking tour of the city;
    • exhibitions of equipment and robots that took part in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident;
    • Chernobyl firefighters memorial "Those who saved the world".


Restrictions on the adaptive quarantine period for visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

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March 2017
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10% discount for booking of more than 3 people

You should be least 18 years old to enter the zone. Tour itinerary may change due to weather conditions and upon request of the group!


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