Restrictions on the adaptive quarantine period for visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Restrictions on visits to certain facilities in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone will apply for the period of adaptive quarantine. In particular, there will be one route for one day, during which you can visit:

  • the village of Zalissia;
  • Chernobyl and Pripyat;
  • Chernobyl-2 facility;
  • the village of Kopachi;
  • Chernobyl observation deck;
  • the village of Opachychi;
  • the village of Kupuvate;
  • the village of Krasne.

In addition, there are restrictions on the number of people in organized visiting groups - no more than 10 people. the number of participants in one group was increased to 50 people.

Prerequisites for visiting the exclusion zone are temperature screening during boarding the bus to the exclusion zone and at the checkpoint "Dytiatky", the presence of passengers masks or respirators, disposable gloves and antiseptics for hand treatment, as well as social distance.

Persons with a temperature above 37.2, as well as those who have symptoms of respiratory diseases will not be allowed to visit the exclusion zone.

If during the temperature screening at the checkpoint "Dytiatky" a fever is detected or a person with signs of respiratory diseases is found - the whole group will not be admitted to the Exclusion Zone.

All restrictions will be lifted after the quarantine is completed.


Wear mask

Use soap &
Antibacterial gel

Wash hands

Keep your

Avoid contact

Cough on
your elbow


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